NFL RedZone Reviews

NFL Network’s NFL RedZone has earned positive reviews since its launch. Check out what media and fans are saying about the new channel below.



“NFL’s RedZone is football-watching nirvana.”

Nick Canepa, San Diego Union-Tribune

“By far, the most innovative sports television creation of 2009—or even the decade.”

Dusty Saunders, The Denver Post

“The RedZone is a life changing channel. It is absolutely fabulous.”

Tony Kornheiser, Pardon the Interruption (ESPN) and Washington Post

“…RedZone is a dozen kinds of fantastic, a first-ballot inductee into the I-Can’t-Believe-I-Ever-Lived-Without-This Hall of Fame”

Phil Taylor, Sports Illustrated

“If you love the NFL, you have to sign up for RedZone. You’ll be thankful you did.”

Ed Sherman, Crain’s Chicago Business

“…the NFL Red Zone, an out-of-body, all-encompassing, died-and-woke-up-in-football-heaven experience.”

Bill Conlin, Philadelphia Daily News

“…seven hours of pure pigskin bliss…”

Robert Weintraub, Slate

“The coolest thing on TV right now is the NFL Network’s Red Zone channel, which switches from game to game when a team gets into the red zone…”

Tom Jones, St. Petersburg Times

“If you love NFL football… you MUST subscribe to NFL RedZone.”

Paul Glynn, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Fairly mesmerizing. For the $7 or so a month it costs, it’s money I’d spend.”

Peter King, Sports Illustrated

“…I could really get accustomed to watching NFL Network’s RedZone Channel every Sunday.”

David Barron, The Houston Chronicle

“The fast-paced RedZone doesn’t stop for annoying commercials and allows viewers to see most of Sunday’s important plays.”

Alan Pergament, Buffalo News

“I saw it live on RedZone. And it sold me on the channel. ”

Scott D. Pierce, Deseret News

“NFL Network’s new RedZone channel has certainly rocked the world of football fans across the United States since its debut last month.”

Matt Solinsky, The Desert Sun

“NFL Red Zone: The greatest invention since pizza.”

Eddie White, WFNI 1070 The Fan Radio



For crazed pro football fans, NFL RedZone is amazing. Have you seen it?

In a great mood COX Cable just added NFL red zone in hi def to their channels!!!

NFL Redzone? Easily one of the top 10 innovations in TV history. How am I just realizing this now?

I have a Sunday date with NFL RedZone

NFL Redzone Channel = a little piece of heaven on earth

Dear NFL redzone, I am assuming starting tonight you will consume my boyfriends life for the next 6 months. Be sweet. Love Kendel

After 5 hours on the couch, I have concluded that the NFL RedZone channel may be the greatest innovation of the 21st century. #fb

#NFL #RedZone is awesome! If you don’t get it, you really need to talk to your cable/satellite provider.

NFL Network’s Red Zone channel = Must have channel!